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We know what we do and we are proud of our work

From the experience of knowing the market, Discargo is the international logistics evolution that seeks to position itself as a number one supplier among the hispanic community in the United States. It has its own API platform, database, international tracking, location of collection points, sales system and support.

Technical characteristics

  • Domain
  • / SSL
  • / Web Hosting
  • / Business Email
  • / Responsive Web Design
  • / Interface UX | UI
  • / SEO
  • / SEM
  • API Creation (Registration, Generate Guide, Edit Profile, Connect with Allied APIs)
  • / Connect allied APIs (USA, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Venezuela)
  • Real time tracking
  • / Office Location
  • / Online chat
  • / Payment gateway (Paypal | Stripe)
  • / Feedback
  • Admin Panel (Process guides, feedback, support, process payments, validate shipments)