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We did it thinking about starting strong from the beginning with

The company needed to create all its corporate image, website and its own API to be able to connect with its commercial allies from different countries. We did the work from scratch combining all our departments to achieve satisfactory results, in which we highlight the iconographic illustration, the strength of sales management, since it is possible to have a direct relationship with the client. It also has a system that allows users to track their shipments in real time. In the creation process we use Net Core as our Backend language to create the API and HTML, CSS, BOOSTRAP and JAVASCRIPT to give life to the identity of the company.

Caracteristicas tecnicas

  • Domain
  • / SSL
  • / Web Hosting
  • / Business Email
  • / Responsive Web Design
  • / Interface UX | UI
  • / SEO
  • / SEM
  • API Creation (Registration, Generate Guide, Edit Profile, Connect with Allied APIs)
  • / Connect allied APIs (USA, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Venezuela)
  • Real time tracking
  • / Office Location
  • / Online chat
  • / Payment gateway (Paypal | Stripe)
  • / Feedback
  • Admin Panel (Process guides, feedback, support, process payments, validate shipments)
Developer services
Branding services

Because the most important thing is to listen to our customers and analize our business

There are many paths to success and EnMano Food is a complement to a project that has grown from day one. A great idea that is complemented with the help of analyzing the environment, listening to our customers and a lot of creativity aimed at a single objective.

Developer services
Branding services

You always know when what you always dreamed of will come

We enter into international sales with deliveries to any part of Colombia from the United States, integrated system with tracking, user session and payment processor accepting any type of currency.